The Lowdown

The world's southernmost continent is also the coldest, driest and windiest. Its population is made up entirely of manned research stations from multiple governments, and varies between 1000 residents in winter and 5000 in summer. If you're looking to check every continent off your list, it doesn't get any more brazen than this.

Population: 1,106
Language: Primarily English and Russian
Currency: N/A
Time Zone: Antarctica sits on all time zones, but we'll be in the Northern Peninsula (GMT-03:00).
Electricity: N/A

The LGBT Factor

There is definitely no gay scene in Antarctica, but we'll make up our own while there! With only 60,000 people, our departure city of Ushuaia also doesn't have much of a scene, but Argentina's LGBT rights are among the most progressive in the world.

The Best Time to Visit

We visit in December, which is the southern hemisphere's summer. As Ushuaia's warmest month, it will average 9.6 °C/49.3 °F. Once near the Antarctic Peninsula, average temperatures are barely above freezing. Being the continent's northernmost point, the peninsula has the most moderate climate and increased participation, but also the fiercest winds, with gusts up to 200 mph.

The Shock Factor

Ushuaia, from which our Antarctic cruise departs, is a well-developed tourist hub with familiar western comforts. The ship is well-appointed and luxurious. As for Antarctica itself, with no permanent residents, there isn't much culture to speak of.


For Argentina, our departure point, Americans, Australians, and EU citizens do not need a visa. Canadians must pay a reciprocity fee online in advance, then travel with a printed copy of their payment receipt. For more info, click here. As no country owns Antarctica, no visa is required.


For Argentina, our departure point, the WHO suggests typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), and influenza vaccines. No vaccines are required for Antarctica. Consult with your doctor or a travel medical clinic for more info, as OUT Adventures cannot provide vaccination recommendations.