Canada Travel
Canada Travel

With rugged natural beauty, cosmopolitan culture, and an amazing healthcare system, Canada is like the perfect husband. It may ‘only' be the second-largest country on earth, but it clearly has the biggest heart, as it famously embraces refugees with no plans to build a wall.

Capital: Ottawa
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Languages: English, French
Population: 36 Million

Gay Canada Travel
LGBT Rights in Canada

Wherever you fall on the sexual identity spectrum, you're welcome in Canada. This is one of the most liberal and gay-friendly countries in the world. You'll find impressive gay villages across the nation, especially in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal; with an increasingly tolerant attitude in even the smallest towns.

Gay Activity: Legal
Lesbian Activity: Legal
Gay Marriage: Legal
Rights to Change Gender: Legal
Same-Sex Adoption: Legal
LGBT Discrimination: Illegal
Equal Age of Consent: Unequal

Gay Canada Travel
Gay Canada Travel

Toronto - Out Adventures' hometown - is bursting with gay nightlife. Bars, clubs and saunas line the city's gayberhood (Church Street) while a new generation of LGBT artists are making a splash in the city's west end (Queer West). Meanwhile, Montreal is so gay the city has two annual Pride Parades (June and August). Meanwhile Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and even some of the country's mid-sized cities have growing gay scenes.

Gay Villages

Toronto: Church Street Village
Toronto: Queer West
Montreal: Le Village gai or simply 'Le Village'
Vancouver: Davie Village
Edmonton: Jasper Village

Pride Festivals/Events

Toronto Pride: Annually in late June.
Fierté Montréal Pride: Annually in August.
Vancouver Pride: Annually in August.
Whistler Gay Ski Week: Annually in January/February.
Tremblant Gay Ski Week: Annually in January/February.

Best Gay Beaches

Toronto: Hanlan's Point
Vancouver: Wreck Beach
Vancouver: Sunset Beach
Vancouver: English Bay Beach

Best Gay Bars

Toronto: Woody's
Toronto: The Black Eagle
Toronto: Glad Day Bookshop
Toronto: Fly 2.0 Nightclub
Montreal: Sky Bar
Montreal: Club Unity
Montreal: Saloon Bar
Vancouver: Mary's on Davie
Vancouver: Pump

Best Lesbian Bars

Toronto: Crews and Tango (Bar)
Toronto: Yes, Yes, Y'all (Party)
Toronto: Cherry Bomb (Party)
Vancouver: Hershe Bar (Party)

Best Places to Visit in Canada
Best Places to Visit in Canada

5. Vancouver
Locally — and lovingly — it’s known as Lotusland. It’s the gateway to Whistler, and the crown jewel of British Columbia.

4. The Maritimes
Along Canada's Atlantic Coast sits New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These three provinces make up Canada's Maritimes, a stunning region with plenty of outdoor activities including some of the world's best whale watching.

3. Toronto
Canada's largest city is coming into its own offering visitors world-class dining, unique neighbourhoods, remarkable art & theatre and not one but TWO gay villages. To see the diverse city at its best, align your visit with Toronto Pride.

2. Montreal
Historic, cultural and diverse, Montreal represents French-Canada at its best. The beautiful city is primarily located on an island in the beautiful Saint Lawrence River.

1. Banff National Park
Adventure seekers and nature lovers will fall head over hiking boot for this national treasure located deep in The Rocky Mountains. A plethora of activities await including hiking, biking, kayaking and more. Bonus: at the centre of it all sits the country's best resort village featuring a range of accommodations and top-notch dining.

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Canada Travel

Best Time to Visit: June to September. January and February for ski resorts.
Vaccinations: No vaccinations required for entry
Electricity: A and B
Visas: Consult the Government of Canada's website for visa requirements.