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Situated on the equator (hence its name), Ecuador and the Galapagos have incomparable opportunity to evolve divine ecosystems (though they were ironically celebrated by the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin). This is a traveller's paradise, home to an archipelago that’s thousands of miles from everyday life, and one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

Capital: Quito
Currency: American Dollar (USD)
Language: Spanish, with several indigenous languages recognized
Population: 16.6 Million

LGBT Rights in South Africa
LGBT Rights in Ecuador

It’s an exciting time to be gay in Ecuador. Though it’s a conservative, Catholic-majority nation, the millennial attitude has evolved. Most notably, in June 2019, same-sex marriage became legal. Ecuador was one of the first nations to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and they’ve even outlawed conversion therapy. Interestingly, same-sex couples can’t adopt children but single gay people can...though straight singles get preferential treatment. There’s progress to be made but Ecuador is definitely a leading light in South America. 

Gay Activity: Legal
Lesbian Activity: Legal
Same-Sex Marriage: Legal
Right to Change Gender: Legal
Same-Sex Adoption: Only legal for singles
LGBT Discrimination: Illegal
Equal Age of Consent: Equal

Gay South Africa Travel
Gay Ecuador Travel

Though you’re legally protected from discrimination, you’re not immune from old-fashioned machismo and religious intolerance. While things are progressing quickly remember that our big gay welcome is new and unevenly distributed here. Be aware when you’re out, especially if by yourself: beware of drinks from strangers, and consider hailing a ride with Uber or Lyft after dark. That said, the nightlife is epic and Ecuador is a great place to discover. 

Gay Villages

Solid communities have developed in both the capital of Quito, and Guayaquil – the gateway city to the Galapagos Islands. The LGBT community may keep a low profile during the day but they know how to blow their hair back once the sun goes down. With the gay scene being so young, many skip the bars and head straight for the clubs, late into the night. Consider a disco nap if you’re up for the challenge. Just don’t refer to the crowd as whippersnappers.

Pride Festivals/Events

Quito Pride: Annually in June
Quito Gay Film Festival: Annually in November 
Guayaquil PrideAnnually in June

Best Gay Bars

Quito: Om Buda Lounge (Gay-Welcoming Lounge) 
Quito: Pravda (Karaoke Bar & Disco)
Quito: Tercer Milenio (Nightclub) 
Quito: Dionisios (Drag, Cabaret and Comedy) 

Best Lesbian Bars

Quito: Radar is a gay club that hosts ladies-only nights, but you'll also feel welcome in most other gay establishments.

Best Places to Visit in South Africa
Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

5. The Quilotoa Loop
If you’re a fan of hiking, this multi-day trail takes you through the Andes Mountains, beginning and ending at a stunning crater lake.

4. Guayaquil
The second largest city in Ecuador is coming into its own. It even boasts a small gay scene and pride festival. 

3. Quito & La Floresta
Off the tourist path in Quito lies this up-and-coming neighbourhood that gives you an authentic taste of life in Ecuador’s capital city.

2. Isla de la Plata - Silver Island
If time or budget is limited and you can’t make it to the Galapagos, this island is just as spectacular, but without the crowds and extravagant prices.

1. The Galapagos Islands
We’ve planned an entire cruise around this archipelago. The islands’ isolation has allowed biodiversity to flourish here in a totally magnificent way.

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Best Time to Visit: There’s never a bad time to visit Ecuador. The temperature rarely dips below 20C/70F, but the best time to snorkel the ocean is between November and June.
Electricity: Type A & Type B sockets
Time Zone: Quito Time (UTC -5), Galapagos Time (UTC-6)
Vaccinations: The WHO suggests immunization against Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid,  before visiting Ecuador. To determine if you should take preventative measures, talk to your doctor or a travel medical clinic.
Visas: Ecuador has an incredibly lenient visa policy. Most visitors staying less than 90 days just need a passport that’s valid for six months. There may be exceptions. Click here for more info.










Brian Y.

Galapagos Gay Cruise

The trip to the Galapagos exceeded all of my expectations. Every day is full of activities and the size of the group ensures you fully experience all that the islands have to offer. Where else can you be snorkeling with sea lions, turtles, rays and sharks then hiking along to see iguanas, boobies, and giant tortoises on the same day? I highly recommend this experience to everyone!






Gary D.

Galapagos Gay Cruise

After 6 years, it is still the top of the list of the dozen out-adventures trips I've taken. The diversity of the animals is amazing, but snorkeling with Galapagos and hammerhead sharks that were 30 feet below will always remain a thrilling memory.