From killer Kilimanjaro to exhausting Everest, Out Adventures has been hosting gay hikes up the world’s most notorious treks and trails since its inception. It’s our belief that despite the sore muscles, the altitude sickness and the occasional blister or bruise, the rewards of surmounting Earth’s highest summits is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Below you’ll find five of our most popular upcoming gay hikes.

An arial view of Machu Picchu.
An audacious gay tour through the Andes, concluding with an unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu.

Sweat and Schlep on these Ever-Popular Gay Hikes Through the Peruvian Andes

Transport yourself from Peru’s bustling colonial capital, through the charm and history of Cuzco, into the stunning Sacred Valley, and along the epic Inca Trail. All before arriving at famed Machu Picchu on our Peru: The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu tour. There may be hiking involved, but we certainly won’t be roughing it, as we’ll stay at 3- and 4-star properties en route, with a few nights of ‘glamping’ thrown in (it’s sort of like camping, only with guides, porters and cooks pampering our tender souls). PLEASE NOTE: Inca Trail Permits typically sell out 3-6 months in advance, so plan as far ahead as possible.

A sunny photo of Everest Base Camp.
The world’s most famous mountain and an industrious trek up it.

A Gay Himalayan Hiking Trip

Nepal is a hiker’s paradise laden with ancient kingdoms, majestic mountains, and monasteries galore. Our Nepal: Kathmandu & Everest Base Camp begins with two days exploring the busy streets of Kathmandu, before we fly over the haunting Himalayas en route to the Everest region. Over two weeks we’ll grace the same trails where many of the mountain’s epic ascents begin, slumbering in the tea houses of the world’s highest inhabited villages. Our own hike reaches its own impressive heights with a visit to Everest Base Camp (5,364m), where we can bask in the majesty of the Mother of the Universe, that epic mountain herself.

A man stands on a cliff looking out over Norway's famous fjords.
The world’s first gay mystery tour through Earth’s best adventure playground.

Don’t Ask Questions and Book Your Spot on the World’s First Gay Mystery Tour

Over the last decade we’ve led countless fellows on a slew of sensational adventures. But are you brave enough to relinquish control and let us take the wheel? We’re heading to Norway for the world’s first Gay Mystery Expedition. On this adventure, passengers will only know their starting point and little else. Expect some sweaty Scandinavian scampering…this is a physically demanding trip after all. You’ll also be treated to quintessential local delicacies and signature local accommodations. Are you in?

A sunset over Atacama Desert in Chile.
Build up an appetite in Chile while biking and hiking through wine country and the driest desert on Earth.

A Big Gay Adventure From Sensational Santiago to the Arid Atacama

Can’t decide whether to partake in a hardcore gay bike holiday, or an elegant wine country affair? This trip offers both, for an unforgettable taste of South America’s wild west. We kick off with a couple days in wine country, then visit Atacama Desert – the driest place ON EARTH – with great bike rides and a trek thrown in. We’ll also get a taste of Santiago, Chile’s sensational capital and the heart of Chile’s gay scene.

A man stands over Sete Cidades in the Azores Islands.
Hopscotch between four Azores Islands on an active gay adventure.

An Active Gay Adventure through the Azores Archipelago

The North Atlantic’s Azores, like Hawaii, is a remote volcanic archipelago. This active gay tour explores the crater of Sete Cidades (one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal), bathes you in natural thermal pools, and includes a world-class whale watching excursion. You’ll have the opportunity to explore four iconic islands including São Miguel, Faial, Pico and São Jorge. 

For a full list of Out Adventures’ upcoming gay tours, click here.

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