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Gay Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls Extension


Straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls stretch almost 3 km and this adventure provides opportunities to see both the panoramic views and the adrenaline-rushing up-close-and-wet version. Iguazu is a Tupi Indian name meaning 'great waters', and once you see this mighty testament of nature you will understand why.




Admire the majestic Iguazu Falls, walk through dense tropical jungle, feel the raw power of the Devil's Throat, get wet exploring the up-close might of the falls from the Argentinean side, marvel at Iguazu's panorama from the Brazilian side


Take an airport transfer to the hotel, then spend the day relaxing or exploring the surrounding area.

The magnificent Iguazu Falls are one of nature's most astonishing creations. Join a tour for amazing panoramic views of the falls from the Brazilian side. The green jungle, colourful butterflies and the roar of the falling water makes this an unforgettable experience. Spend the next day hiking the Argentinean side of the falls. A train ride, a bridge walk, and a hike to the bottom all offer up close views of the falls from different angles. Come face-to-face with the electric force of the thundering falls and walk into the Devil's Throat where the spray reaches high above the cascading water. Be prepared to get wet, the falls are seriously powerful!

Enjoy free time before leaving the magic of the Iguazu Falls.