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Gay Mayan

Comfort Mayan Discovery


Through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, this all-encompassing trip is a heady mix of volcanic beauty, ancient Maya ruins, quintessential Caribbean beaches and colourful colonial towns. Travelling from Mexico's famous beachside Cancun to the idyllic shores of Playa del Carmen, this journey is the perfect combination of cultural highs and active adventures. Discover the secrets of the ancient Mayas and traverse incredible landscapes on this fascinating journey through Central America.




Discover the carved snakes of Chichen Itza, Marvel at ancient Mayan ruins in Palenque, Experience crisp air and clear light in the Chiapas Highlands, Soak up the atmosphere in San Cristobal, Cruise Lake Atitlan in Panajachel, Watch the sunset over Tikal, Discover beachside ruins near Playa del Carmen


Relax by the water or head to Zona Arqueologica El Rey to wander around the ruins and meet the sun-loving iguanas.

Explore the fascinating pyramids, which rival those in Egypt, and check-out El Castillo, best known for its amazing carved snakes.

Climb to the top of these ruins for endless views of the jungle, then cool off in the nearby waterfalls.

Enjoy the Chiapas Highlands and meet the local villagers who mix Catholicism with indigenous religions to create a fascinating hybrid. Why not pop into Cafe Museo Cafe to to learn about the region's coffee production and relax with a steaming brew?

Ringed by volcanoes and colourful villages, Panajachel is a great base to explore this region famous for its outdoor sports.

Visit the colourful markets at Chichicastenango before stopping in Antigua, famous for its colonial architecture, scenic surrounds and cobblestone streets. Here it's possible to climb a volcano, go mountain biking or explore the city's many churches.

Catch a sunset over the mystical Tikal ruins. Rise early the next morning for a magical guided visit of the ruins at dawn.

Surrounded by fast flowing rivers and forested hills, San Ignacio is the ideal base for exploring the surrounding temples, waterfalls and caves.

Relax on the beaches of Playa del Carmen and raise bottles of cerveza to toast the end of this Maya adventure.