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Gay China Tour

Travel Style: Short Break/Independent


Comfort China offers a fine blend of China's highlights, experienced in true OUT Adventures style, with a softer landing. Encounter friendly locals as you tour between China's two great cities, Shanghai and Beijing, with plenty of time to marvel at ancient archaeological wonders and delve into some of the greatest markets the Middle Kingdom has to offer. With the opportunity to dine on local delicacies, discover fascinating customs and culture, and even cook up your own exotic fare, this is classic adventure travel.




Dine on Peking duck, explore the imperial sights of old Beijing, witness the stoic expressions of the Terracotta Warriors, unwind while cruising the peaceful Li River, learn to cook local specialties in Yangshuo, admire Shanghai's eclectic architecture, wander a bustling local market, peruse ancient treasures in the Shanghai Museum, soak up Zhujiajiao's old-world charm.


Uncover the treasures of Beijing, from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City to the monumental Great Wall, built to protect China from the 'barbarians' of the north. Work off those delicious Peking duck pancakes and wander through the busy markets. Take an individual tour of ancient hutongs or hire a bicycle and join the locals pedaling around the city. In the evening, why not attend a Beijing opera performance and witness the subtle beauty of this unique art form - one of China's cultural treasures.

Facing east in battle formation, the 6,000-strong army of Terracotta Warriors stand guard over the treasures of the First Emperor. This ancient city has been an important cultural centre for thousands of years, the legacy of which is visible in its many temples, museums and galleries. There is time to visit the Bell and Drum towers, explore the Muslim Quarter and enjoy great city views from the Big Goose Pagoda, an impressive structure built to house Buddhist scriptures. Xi'an also boasts many wonderful examples of traditional and modern architecture, so why not take a stroll before ending the day with a delicious dumpling banquet.

The dramatic countryside surrounding Yangshuo is best seen on an optional cruise down the Li River. Float past limestone monoliths, rice paddies, and water buffalo drinking at the river's edge. For those feeling active, why not jump on a bike and explore the splendid green surrounds and nearby villages or perhaps participate in a peaceful tai chi session. Enjoy a guided walk through a local market before visiting a converted country house for a cooking demonstration.

An orientation walk through Shanghai will reveal many stories and hidden secrets. Take a day trip to one of the regions tranquil water towns, filled with canals and quaint streets; the perfect place to experience old-world China.