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Lose yourself in two of Europe's most enchanting countries. From the romantic streets of Paris, head out to discover Provencal food and world-class Burgundy wines then frolic with Europe's high rollers in the Riviera. Feast on seafood and breathtaking sights in the cliff-top villages of the Cinque Terre and marvel at the architectural elegance of gothic churches and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Conclude this European adventure with the vibrant, ancient city of Rome - a splendid end to an elegant and diverse exploration.




Soak up the romantic ambience of Paris, Sample world-famous Burgundy wines, Relax on a beach in the French Riviera, Live it up in Monaco, Admire stunning coastal views along the Cinque Terre, Explore the museums and galleries of Florence, Experience the vibrant cultural life of Rome


For those who arrive early, perhaps scale the Eiffel Tower or get acquainted with the city's wide boulevards and cultural treasures.

Graced with Romanesque architecture and some of the best wines in the country, France's richest region is a joy to explore. Enjoy a meal of local specialties in Beaune and visit some of Burgundy's world-famous wineries.

Travel by train to this picturesque town, which was the residence of French-born popes for more than a century. Marvel at the world's largest gothic palace, the Palais des Papes, and the remains of the 12th century Pont St-Benezet.

Take a day trip to Monaco to live it up with Europe's high rollers - perhaps at the famed Monte Carlo casino. Alternatively, escape the glamour and find a patch on the Riviera to relax by the sea.

With mountains above and the sea below, the coastal path that connects the five pastel villages is spectacular. Take a dip in the ocean or dine on fresh seafood by the waterfront.

Stop in at the Leaning Tower, then peruse the fountains, statues and buildings of Italy's 'outdoor museum'. Take in the best of Florence including the Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, the 13th century Duomo and the quintessential Italian sunset over the city's famous skyline.

Both hectic and timeless, the Eternal City is home to some of the most amazing sights in Europe. Visit the iconic Colosseum before a final dinner brings this classic journey to an end.