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Flavours of Tokyo


Take Japanese cuisine - with its well-earned reputation for flavour and freshness - and add Tokyo, one of the most amazing cities in Asia, to create a true taste-and-see sensation. Discover the famous aspects of Japanese food - sushi, sashimi and hand-made noodles - and be surprised by some of the less well known but equally interesting meals on offer. Stay in a traditional ryokan in the heart of Tokyo's old downtown area and experience Japan one mouthful at a time.




Visit the world's largest fish market, participate in a traditional cooking class, make noodles from scratch, savour a seven-course Japanese dinner, stay in a traditional Japanese inn, discover the sights of Tokyo


From a sleepy coastal town in the early 17th century, Tokyo has become one of the largest cities in the world. Try to arrive early to soak up the bright neon atmosphere and the wonderful scents of the street.

Discover the cuisine of Tokyo and visit highlights both old and new. Experience the hospitality of a traditional Japanese inn, mingle with the locals in busy produce markets, see the might of sumo wrestlers in training and eat through a delicious seven-course feast. Round out the experience with a traditional cooking class and prepare your own noodles for lunch.

With leisure time in Tokyo, take the chance to buy some special souvenirs or do some further sightseeing. Perhaps nibble on a little sushi or sashimi - just to fill in the gaps.