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Lake Titicaca


Sail close to the clouds on Lake Titicaca and discover the ancient civilisations that inhabit its islands. Feel the spongy reeds of the 'floating' Uros islands beneath your feet, learn about unique local cultures and customs at a homestay and relish the vistas over the seemingly infinite waters from the brilliant Taquile Island. This is the world's highest navigable lake, sitting at a soaring 3,812 m above sea level, and on this trip you'll encounter the fascinating people and beautiful locations that characterise this isolated location.




Sail on the waters of the world's highest navigable lake, make local friends on an overnight homestay, experience the sensation of standing on a man-made reed island, discover Inca ruins on Taquile Island


Perched on the shores of the vast Lake Titicaca, Puno is alive with the pulse of Andean music and the rhythm of traditional dance. Set sail on the world's highest navigable lake, stopping by the floating Uros Islands, which are constructed from multiple layers of totora reeds. Spend the night with a welcoming local family, on one of the lake's non-floating islands.

Set off early for Taquile, a tiny island littered with crumbling Inca terracing that punctuates the ruby-red soil. Take in the crisp, fresh air with a short hike to enjoy stunning views over the lake before returning to Puno for the night. The next morning, drive to a local farm and learn about the breeding system of Andean camelidae. Relax in the farm's garden and enjoy a traditional homemade lunch, before hiking through a cactus forest and along the shore of Lake Titicaca.