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OUT Ancient Kingdoms of Thailand


Delve into the illustrious history of Thailand's ancient kingdoms, basking in the golden light of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, exploring the magnificent ruins of Ayuthaya, admiring the serene statues of Buddha in Sukhothai and travelling back to colonial days on a horse-and-carriage ride in quaint Lampang. Travel in style through the annals of time and take a peek into Thailand's long and glorious past.




See Bangkok's spectacular Grand Palace, Explore the crumbling temples of Ayuthaya, Wander among the lotus ponds of Sukhothai, Visit an elephant conservation centre, Experience Chiang Mai's cosmopolitan culture, Soak in a natural hot spring


Marvel the opulence of the Grand Palace and admire the Emerald Buddha cloaked in seasonal royal robes, sitting on a gilded alter.

Peruse the exquisite interiors of Bang Pa-In before exploring the grand temples and ruins of Ayuthaya. Spend the evening feasting on local delicacies in the lively night market or perhaps head back to the ruins to see them illuminated against the night sky.

Amble past intricately carved bas-reliefs and crumbling earthen bastions in Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, en route to Sukhothai.

Cycle or stroll through the ruins and tranquil lotus ponds in Sukhothai Historical Park before continuing on to ancient Lampang for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the palaces and temples.

Visit the sacred Wat Phra That Lampang Luang temple and perhaps take a dip in the Chae Son hot springs. Hit the famous Night Bazaar to pick up some souvenirs or relax with a traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai.

Stop by the Elephant Conservation Centre to watch some gentle giants take their early morning bath, then relax amid the tranquil atmosphere of Lamphun.

Return to Chiang Mai to explore the ancient temples, bustling markets or master the art of perfect Thai cuisine at a cooking class - the perfect way to finish off a fascinating historical adventure.