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Gay Travel United States & California

Comfort Los Angeles to Las Vegas


Embark on a great adventure in the American Southwest. Admire things bold and beautiful in Los Angeles and chance your luck in Las Vegas. Explore the gay-oasis known as Palm Springs, wonder at the epic size of the Grand Canyon, soak in the serenity of Joshua Tree National Park and experience the extent of the sun in the Californian desert of Nevada.




Stroll the streets of West Hollywood, Explore Palm Springs, Admire the strange landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, hike around Lake Powell, Ride down the famous Route 66, Lose track of time in Las Vegas.


Although just 1.9 square miles in size, West Hollywood is one of the highest profile communities in the Los Angeles area, full of celebrities and nightlife, and due to its central location among the generally wealthy communities west of downtown Los Angeles. Goings-on in the city and surrounding areas are broadcast daily in media around the world, including on TMZ on TV from Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights Avenue. Welcome to Los Angeles!

Today you'll do some sightseeing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Later you can walk along Venice Beach before settling into the adventure-ready van for a drive to Palm Springs, that well-known gay oasis in the California desert.

Enter Joshua Tree National Park, known for unusual plants including cacti, Mojave yuccas and Joshua trees. Then back to Palm Springs where you can relax by the pool, go shopping or simply explore.

Travel along Route 66, the country's most historic highway to the Grand Canyon Caverns where you can choose from a number of exciting optional activities. End your day observing the night skies as they are meant to shine.

For many, this is the highlight of the trip. Explore the Grand Canyon your way: Hike it, Watch it on film or fly over it by helicopter.

Explore Lake Powell and the surrounding area by horseback or jeep today.

Explore Zion National Park this morning then try your luck on the strip in Las Vegas tonight.

Today we say goodbye, and perhaps hello! Continue your tour of the Southwest on our Las Vegas to San Francisco tour which begins today. We will welcome new guests and say goodbye to those that are leaving us.