Gay Family Vietnam Tours

OUT Family Vietnam Adventure


With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, the whole family will fall in love with Vietnam. Sail beautiful Halong Bay, laugh at water puppets in Hanoi, learn about rich emperors in Hue, get a new outfit tailor-made in Hoi An and swim in the South China Sea. Adventure through the countryside, discover the culture and experience a different way of life, as a family.




Experience Hanoi's Old Quarter on a cyclo tour, Cruise the majestic Halong Bay, Find a poem hat in imperial Hue, Cruise the Perfume River on a dragon boat, Meet local kids in Hoi An, Relax on the beach at Nha Trang, Escape the heat at the Dam Sen Water Park


Explore the green parks, tree-lined streets and lovely lakes of Vietnam's picturesque capital. Enjoy breakfast at KOTO, a restaurant helping Hanoi's disadvantaged youth. Jump on board a cyclo and take a ride through the Old Quarter where vendors trade painted t-shirts, watches and shoes. Then it's off to an evening water puppet show, a traditional form of Vietnamese entertainment that started in rice fields centuries ago.

Cruise the warm waters of Halong Bay with its towering limestone peaks and stalactite-filled caves. Legend has it the bay was created by the flailing tail of a dragon. Keep an eye out for another legendary creature, the tarasque; a six-legged dragon with a turtle shell back and a lion's head that is said to live among the islands.

A former imperial capital and important Buddhist centre, Hue is filled with ancient sites. Discover the Imperial Citadel and the lovely octagonal Thien Mu Pagoda. Explore the lively Dong Ba Market and search for 'poem hats' between the fruit, vegetable and fish stalls. These hats have shadowy scenes of everyday life that can only be seen when held up to the light. Then swap the bustle of the markets for the tranquility of the Perfume River with a cruise on a dragon boat.

Travel past fantastic coastal scenery on the way to the ancient town of Hoi An. Discover the quaint backstreets, meet the local kids on a school visit, get some clothes tailored or head down to the beach on a bicycle.

Cruise the turquoise waters among nearby islands, before visiting an outdoor aquarium and lazing on a private beach. Back in Nha Trang, head down to the beachfront in the early morning for a unique exercise experience - you'll find the whole town out and about.

There is so much to do in Vietnam's largest city. Scoot off on cyclos to the lively Chinatown area, have a local-style lunch in the Ben Thanh Market or do some temple hopping - the choices are endless. For some final Vietnam fun, beat the heat at the Dam Sen Water Park.