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Isolated. Vast. Frozen. Antarctica is the most mysterious and unforgiving continent on Earth. So we’re gonna gay-up this insane terrain! Join us on our big gay expedition in December 2019. If you have cold feet, here’s ten reasons to join us.

10. Sizzling Swag

Every passenger gets a signature parka to ensure they’re set for the frigid climate. Look hot and feel warm in this very cool souvenir.

An example of the fashionable parka included in your cruise!

9. Polar-oids

Hobby photographers can attend onboard lectures about capturing the perfect shot against Antarctica’s vast white terrain. A professional photographer will even join us on expedition days, giving tips and tricks to snag exceptional penguin prints, seal snaps and a polar portrait for your  Scruff Tinder LinkedIn profile.

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Find your light!

8. Conservation & Education

An onboard wilderness expert will offer lectures and discussions below deck. The talks are completely optional, but a great way to learn about this vulnerable ecosystem and how we can protect it. With two days at sea before we reach Antarctica, it’s also a great way to fill the time.

Antarctica is one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. Photo by Robert Sharp.

7. Glacial Grandeur

Antarctica offers some of Earth’s most rugged and unforgiving wilderness, but the ship is stacked with sumptuous furnishings and plush bedding. The public areas include a glass-domed observation deck, lively lounge, tranquil library, a spa and even an outdoor track.

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While the seas may be tumultuous, our cruise ship will be luxurious.

6. Water Sports…

Glide along the coast on a kayak excursion. Your expert guide will navigate you through hidden bays and magical icebergs. Keep your eyes peeled for orcas, chin-strapped penguins, and Weddell seals.

Antarctic Kayaking
Kayaking is one of the most popular experiences in Antarctica.

5. …and more Water Sports.

Standup Paddle Boarding anyone? It’s Antarctica – how could you not!?!

Antarctica SUP
Try not to fall off your SUP board if a curious whale breaches the surface.

4. Kiki with Robert

Our fearless leader Robert Sharp is personally hosting this once in a lifetime experience. The journey will be somewhat sentimental for him, since his first trip to Antarctica eleven years ago inspired him to launch Out Adventures.

Robert first visited Antarctica eleven years ago. The experience inspired Out Adventures. Photo courtesy of Robert Sharp.

3. Subzero Safaris

Over five days, small Zodiacs will ferry us ashore to hike snowy paths and traverse frozen landscapes. We’ll visit penguin rookeries to get acquainted with the chinstrap, adelie and gentoo species. We’ll also photograph lazy weddell, fur and leopard seals. Finally, look to the skies for the albatross and petrels.

Who, Me?
Who, Me?

2. Cetacean Sightings

Seeing a blue whale breach is one of the natural world’s true wonders. Unfortunately, these camera-shy mammoths rarely break the ocean’s surface. However, there’s a good chance you’ll see pods of orcas hunting seals, along with minke and humpback whales. Even fin, sperm and right whales are a common sight in these southernmost parts.

Fin Whale Breaching
Fin Whale breaching off the coast of Antarctica.

1. It is Earth’s greatest wilderness.

Antarctica is rock, frost and water. It’s ice shelves and ice caps. It’s solitude.

Explorers who forge through this remote location often return with a newfound respect for Mother Nature. Calling this experience “Powerful” would be an understatement.

The haunting ruins of a ship wreck. Photo by Robert Sharp.

All photos courtesy of Quark Expeditions unless otherwise stated.

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