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The Land of Fire and Ice  has been shaped by centuries of glacial movement and volcanic eruption. Given this rugged ancestry, the country is a no-brainer for gay adventure seekers. From the depths of a dive between tectonic plates, to hiking up a glacier, here are few of our favourite experiences from in big gay Iceland!

7. Hike Iceland’s Glaciers

Featured on: Pride Adventure and Winter Weekend Getaway
With 11% of the country permanently covered in ice, Iceland is home to an astounding 269 glaciers. After a short course in ice-hiking, we’ll trek one or two of these frozen monoliths ourselves. No Big Deal.


6. Visit Iceland’s Black Beach

Iceland's coastline

Featured on: Winter Weekend Getaway
Even in a country where every vista mesmerizes, the South Coast’s black beaches stand out. Their jet-black sand is made of lava, and they’re surrounded by otherworldly cliffs.

5. Ride Iceland’s rugged countryside hard

Featured on: Pride Adventure
A new addition to our gay Iceland Pride Adventure, we’ll spend an afternoon maneuvering a super jeep over the rugged terrain. Your seatbelt will be your saviour, because you can count on some air-time with rocks and ice chunks jetting up in every direction.

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4. Dive Between Iceland’s Tectonic Plates

Featured on: Pride Adventure
Zip up your drysuit and dive into Silfra, a rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The fissure’s water is so clear, divers appear to float through air rather than swim. On a sunny day, you can see anywhere from 60 to 70 meters below.


3. Luxuriate in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon


Featured on: Pride Adventure and Winter Weekend Getaway
Geothermal pools run through Iceland like veins in the body. These natural hot tubs pop up throughout the country, and are a perfect place to warm up any time of year. With it’s stunning turquoise aura, The Blue Lagoon is the most famous (be sure to exfoliate with the free mud mask).

2. Feast on Reykjavik


Featured on: Winter Weekend Getaway and Pride Adventure
The cosmopolitan capital  has an impressive culinary scene where local ingredients and Nordic sensibility reign. You can venture into notorious territory (fermented shark? pickled lamb testicles?), or savour something ‘safer’ sautéed, braised or sous-vide.

1. Hit up a gay Icelandic house party

Featured on: Winter Weekend Getaway
Beyond picture-perfect landscapes, Iceland’s biggest tourist attraction are its locals. The famously liberal people are welcoming, charismatic and love to entertain. On our gay Iceland Pride Adventure, local guide Gudni Kristinsson throws a house party in our honour, allowing you to mix and mingle with some nifty Nordics.


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Photos courtesy of Pink Iceland, Bryon Williams and Steve Ellingson.

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