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Budapest & Slovenia: Castles, Caves & Culinary Escapades is one of our favourite European Gay Tours. Scroll down for our top reasons to join this fashionable foray below.

10 ~ Lovely Ljubljana

Slovenia’s quaint capital is on the verge of becoming a European destination. It oozes charm, reeks of style, bursts with flavour and is garnished with the cutest castle sitting atop a small central hill.

Panorama of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.
No matter where you are in the city, Ljubljana Castle is visible atop the central hill.

9 ~ Lake Bled

The emerald lake is set amidst Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Its natural beauty is only punctuated further by a stunning church on the lake’s single islet and a Medieval castle clinging to the cliffs of nearby Vogul Mountain. Try standup paddleboarding on the calm waters. On this gay tour, we’ll even row a traditional Pletna Boat from shore to shore.

Enchanting Lake Bled.

8 ~ Glamping

For two nights, we slumber in A-Frame wooden huts at a posh campsite in Slovenia’s verdant countryside. Each hut is outfitted with private wood-burning hot tubs, chaise lounge chairs and stunning landscaped surrounds.

Enjoy wooden huts in Slovenia, complete with private wood-burning hot tubs.

7 ~ Gay Bars

Neither Slovenia nor Hungary are leaders in gay rights. But both capitals boast thriving scenes. Jet lag depending, we’ll get a taste of the nightlife after our Welcome Dinner on Day 1 in Budapest. We’ll also double-dip in Ljubljana’s scene, where one bar loyally serves the small but thriving gay residents.

Klub Tiffany. AKA the only gay bar in Ljubljana.

6 ~ Private Performances

On this incredible gay tour, we’ll enjoy an exclusive backstage tour of Budapest’s Opera House, including a private duet performance by prominent performers.

A grand staircase inside Budapest’s recently renovated Opera House.

5 ~ Architecture

Jože Plečnik is a famous gay architect celebrated for his colourful contributions to Ljubljana’s cityscape. We’ll get to know the artist on a walking tour of the city. Meanwhile, in Budapest, we’ll come to appreciate the historic baroque, neoclassic and art nouveau stylings on walking, bus and river tours.

Jože Plečnik’s Franciscan Church of the Annunciation by Ljubljana.

4 ~ Lux Accommodations

In Ljubljana, we stay at Cubo, the city’s poshest property. Clean lines, modern finishes, and eggshell everything defines this chic gem. In Budapest, we’ll enjoy historic 4-star accommodations right on UNESCO World Heritage Andrássy Avenue. And lest we forget the aforementioned glamping huts.

Our lovely lodgings in Budapest.

3 ~ Baths

A top attraction in Budapest is the city’s public baths. Sitting on 125 thermal springs, the city has enjoyed exquisite Turkish Baths as far back as the Roman occupation.

Panorama of a Széchenyi thermal bath in Budapest.

2 ~ Food

According to Travel & Leisure, “Slovenia has become one of the continent’s most intriguing places to eat and drink.” We’ll indulge in the country’s top restaurants — including an unforgettable experience supping in the Archers Tower of Ljubljana Castle! — as well as spend an afternoon swirling vintages in the Goriška Brda wine region.

A meticulous Slovenian dish at Strelec Restaurant in Ljubljana Castle.

1 ~ Budapest

Glorious Budapest is an ageless city. From its rise in the 19th century to its difficult position in WWII — you can still see the bullet holes — it’s a historian’s nocturnal emission. Today, it’s been touted as the Paris of the East for its stunning streets, myriad markets, countless cafes and trendy locals. The future looks even brighter as the city plans to reconstruct and/or renovate numerous historic buildings that were senselessly destroyed during the war. Meanwhile, stretches of river-side will be converted into pedestrian-only strips complete with cafes, restaurants and green spaces.

Sunrise over Budapest.

Enchanted by Budapest and Slovenia yet? For full details about this incredible journey through Central Europe, click here.

(Image credits from top to bottom: Shutterstock, I Feel Slovenia x 3, Klub Tiffany, Budapest Opera House, I Feel Slovenia, Hotel Moments, Wikipedia Commons, Strelec Restaurant, Shutterstock.)

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