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From the rich curries of Northern Thailand to the tantalizing tagines of Morocco, Out Adventures has always focused heavily on the culinary landscape of the countries we visit.

Below, you’ll find our most delicious destinations of 2018.

Savour Slovenia’s Wine and Cheese


We’ll sip Slovenia’s vintages in the Goriška Brda wine region before trying our hand churning butter and sampling the country’s finest fromage. In the evenings we’ll dine in chic restaurants, not least of which includes Ljubljana Castle under the supervision of one of the country’s best chefs.

Must-try dish: Nanoški, Tolminc and Bovški are the country’s most cherished cheese.

Tradtionally Slovenian cheese making.

Taste Thailand’s Diverse Culinary Landscape


Our Thailand tour begins with a deep-dive into Bangkok’s vivacious street vendors slinging everything from fried rice to BBQed bites. We’ll jet North to Chiang Rai to enjoy the country’s Northern cuisine which is heavily influenced by neighbouring Laos and Myanmar. Highlights include a cooking class and tours of a tea plantation, night bazaars and cocktail bars.

Must-try dish: Khao Soi, a Northern Thai noodle and curry bowl originating from Burma (now Myanmar).

Khao Soi, a northern Thai curry noodle dish. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons.
Gay men shopping in Thailand’s markets.

Indulge in India’s Sensational Spices

India Rajasthan Holi Festival Gay Tour with Out Adventures Gay Travel

On our lavish India tour, we’ll learn about India’s regional cuisines including Kashmiri, Rajastani and Delhiite to name a few. We dine in lux restaurants, al fresco in the dunes of Jaipur and twice – twice! – in palaces. The highlight of the tour will be the ravishing Rajasthani cooking class we’ll enjoy under the guiding hand of a master chef.

Must-try dish: Laal Maans is a must for spice enthusiasts, braising Rajasthan’s chilies with chicken and ghee to create a fiery red curry.

Traditional Indian samosas. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Crave Morocco’s Culinary Culture


We sojourn Morocco in search of Northern Africa’s best couscous, tagine and harrira. Our taste buds will buzz with za’atar, cumin, cinnamon and a myriad mints and spices unattainable in Western markets. After haggling in Marrakeshs’ sensational souks we’ll dice, simmer and sauté our own Moroccan feast at a famed cooking school.

Must-try dish: While Moroccan tagine reigns supreme, it’s Bastilla we encourage you to seek out. The savoury pie is traditionally filled with braised pigeon and seasoned with saffron, ginger, pepper and cinnamon.

A Moroccan stewed cooked in a tagine. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Experience the Culinary Capital of South America


Our Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu tour begins in Lima where we discover the culinary culture by devouring our way through the historic centre and it’s 16,000+ cevicherias. At night we’ll toss back pisco sours and dine in the city’s most revered restaurants. After Lima we escape to both the heights of the Andes and depths of the amazon, glimpsing the diverse agriculture available to rising chefs.

Must-try dish: Guinea pig (cuy) in Peru is traditionally stuffed with local herbs, roasted over an open fire and served with potatoes. The meat is tender and juicy with a crackling skin similar to suckling pig.

Modern ceviche. Photo courtesy of Cala Restaurant and Lounge.

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