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Our very own Kevin & Rob are hosting parallel Patagonia tours:

Patagonia: Argentine Glacier & Chilean Eco-Camp (AKA Adventure)
Join Kevin on an epic adventure featuring some of the region’s most rigorous treks. Your sweat and tears won’t be for naught – it’ll be worth it once you reach unimaginable vantage points worthy of a National Geographic cover. We’ll end each day at Eco-Camp, recently rated the SECOND BEST HOTEL IN SOUTH AMERICA!

Patagonia: Argentine Glaciers & Estancia Cristina (AKA Comfort)
At the same time, Out Adventures’ founder Robert is leading a low-key exploration of the vast region with tours of haunting glaciers, mesmerizing mountains and an unforgettable ranch. We’ll enjoy relaxed boat rides and luxurious accommodations.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the activities on both tours so you can choose the right experience for you. Oh, and if you really want to milk your time in these southernmost parts, pair either tour with our Antarctica: Gay Expedition, Chile: Grapes Grit & Stargazing tour or both!

Out Adventures; Gay Travel; Gay Vacation; Patagonia; Torres Del Paine; Perito Moreno; El Calafate
A haunting mountain range. Photo courtesy of Cascada Expediciones.
Out Adventures; Gay Travel; Gay Vacation; Patagonia; Torres Del Paine; Perito Moreno; El Calafate
Experience Patagonia with as much or little hiking as you wish. Photo courtesy of Cascada Expediciones.

Day # 2 – Adventure & Comfort

Whether you’ve just flown in or wrapped our Antarctica: Gay Adventure, everyone is convening in beautiful El Calafate. We’ll kick off both tours with a communal Welcome Dinner before splitting ways.

Day # 2 – Adventure & Comfort

On both tours we’ll enjoy one of South America’s most famous glaciers: Perito Moreno. Our Adventure group will spend a half-day snapping photos here before bussing off to Torres Del Paine. Meanwhile, our Comfort group will stick around for a full-day, embarking on a nautical safari in the afternoon.

Day #3 Comfort

We’re off to Estancia Cristina! A distinctly Argentine style ranch where we’ll enjoy a leisurely nature walk followed by a boat ride upon Argentino Lake – the country’s largest freshwater lake. The evening is free to relax at the hotel or explore El Calafate.

Out Adventures; Gay Travel; Gay Vacation; Patagonia; Torres Del Paine; Perito Moreno; El Calafate
The shared bathroom at Eco Camp. Photo courtesy of Cascada Expediciones.

Day #3 – Adventure

Our day begins early as we catamaran across Lake Pehoé and trek to Grey Glacier, one of the region’s most scenic destinations. Today’s 4-hour hike is difficult but achievable. It’s 8km / 5mi and reaches an altitude of  244m / 800ft. If the entire group is feeling particularly industrious, the trek can be extended a few more kilometres.

Day #4 – Comfort

Today we’ll enjoy a private tour of El Calafate, the gateway city to this magical region. Afterwards, we continue to tour around Argentino Lake with stops at Rios de Hielos and the Glacarium (a glacial info centre).

Day #4 – Adventure

Lace up your hiking boots, today we’re conquering the notorious Tower Base Trek. The path is 22km / 14mi and reaches an altitude of 914m / 3000ft. If that doesn’t sound so bad, keep in mind the “path” is a snaking valley of enormous boulders you’ll either climb, clamber or haul yourself over to reach the peak. This is not for beginners or those with pre-existing knee, joint or back issues.


Day #5 – Adventure & Comfort

With a better understanding of Patagonia, both tours will bus south to Punta Arenas with stops for photos along the way. After checking-in to our hotel, we’ll reconvene for a Farewell Dinner and recount our respective adventures.

Day #6 – Adventure & Comfort

No activities scheduled. You’ll be transferred to Punta Arenas airport, where you can catch your flight home, or to Santiago for our Chile: Grapes Grit & Stargazing tour.

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