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In Out Adventures’ opinion, yes, Scotland is arguably the world’s gayest travel destination. May we present three good (and two silly) reasons why.

Good Reason: Parliament

The LGBT community is well represented in Parliament with 8 out of 56 (15%) of members listed as openly homosexual. Further, 3 of the 5 Scottish political parties have elected openly gay leaders in recent years including Patrick Harvie, Kezia Dugdale and the current leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson.

Silly Reason: Unicorns

Officialized in the 14th century, the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. Even the peacock thought it was a queer choice.

Good Reason: Legislation

With so many elected homosexuals it only makes sense gay-friendly legislation is easily passed through parliament. Scotland has legalized civil partnerships, gay adoption and same sex marriage. It’s currently writing a gender law to better recognize nonbinary individuals. Finally, the country’s hate-crime law is hailed as one of the strongest in the world and explicitly protects the rights of the transgender community.

Silly Reason: Kilts.

The country’s signature kilts celebrate tartan AND girthy calves. Like, we don’t wanna stereotype but, like, honestly, like…

Good Reason: General Opinion

In 1999, a general opinion poll showed 48 percent of Scots thought same-sex relationships were ‘always or mostly wrong’. Today, that number has dropped to a mere 18 percent. #progress

While we no longer offer our Scottish Highland Hikes tour, we have plenty of other gay adventures! Check out our Gay Tour Calendar for details.

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