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In the second of Bryon Williams and Steve Ellingsons’ two-part photo series, the pair feature Iceland’s awe-inspiring countryside. This edition really defines why the country is known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”. Their photos showcase the volcanic highlands, the cascading waterfalls and the vast, tumultuous coastline. The snow flurries, frosted flora and Icelandic horses only add to the series’ ethereal essence.

If you didn’t see the pair’s first edition featuring the world’s most Northern capital Reykjavik, use this link to jump over now. If you’re keen to experience Iceland first hand, Out Adventures hosts both an August Iceland Pride Adventure and a March Iceland Winter Weekend annually.

Iceland coastline
Iceland's coastline
Iceland's coastline
Fisheye in Iceland
Steve Ellingson
Kvernufoss Falls
Fisheye in Iceland
Snow flurries
Bryon Williams
Iceland in winter
Fisheye in Iceland
Solheimajokull Glacier
Icelandic Horse

Iceland: Northern Lights & Essential Sights runs annually in March.

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