Throw caution to the wind and bid the itinerary adieu. Let our brand new Norway: Gay Mystery Expedition be your North Star. Read on for all the details.

A man in a yellow jacket looks out over Norway's mountains.
Join the world’s first Gay Mystery Expedition (HINT: it’s Norway, just like the fjords.)

But first – what *is* a Gay Mystery Expedition?

On this tour (the world’s first gay spin on a mystery expedition, at that), you’ll play the ultimate trust exercise when you travel blind while letting us take the wheel. You’ll know only your launch/finish points, the physical rating – in this case a hearty 5/5 – and we’ve already said too much. Just shut the front door, get on a plane, and see you in Norway. If you need a little more coaxing, here are five incredible reasons gay travellers will love this tour.

5. You’ll be surrounded by low-key but adventurous like-minded guys and gals.

This tour is geared to guys that can go with the flow and love a good mystery. Know that you’ll be well-fed and well-rested (after being worn-out), but this isn’t the itinerary on which to throw down a plethora of five-star demands 🙂

A group of men and women stop for lunch above fjord in Norway.
Mystery tours tend to attract flexible, easy-going travellers. Pay no attention to the gorgeous scenery.

4. We’ve done the planning.

The transportation is coordinated. The sleeping accommodations are sorted out. And we’ve picked some sensational ways to flex your muscles through Norway. We’ve even lined up some local “delicacies”. All you have to do is admire the pretty views…and sweat.

3. We’ve packed the tour with incredible activities.

This is a physically demanding trip that flaunts the country’s famous fjords, from the snow-capped mountains to the waters themselves. Pack everything from hiking boots to water shoes, sportswear to polo shirts.

Three hikers in Norway walking into a rugged countryside.
Expect multiple epic hikes on this mystery expedition.

2. Norway is one of the world’s loveliest playgrounds.

Kilometres of coastline and a rugged Tolkien landscape mean Norway begs to be experienced by land and water. Hikers love the countless trails from flat to treacherous. Adventurers love paddling through its signature fjords and surmounting its monstrous glaciers. While there’s plenty of activities to appease the cognoscenti, Norway is really an adventurer’s paradise.

1. This is as authentic as it gets.

Like Norway’s notorious vikings, travellers on our trip are in for a wild ride. Expect twists and turns and the thrill of never losing your sense of adventure.

Sunset over Norway's second-largest city, Bergen.
Ignore this beautiful photo of Bergen. But our trip starts in Bergen..

Ready to raid Norway with a group of like-minded gay travellers? Book our Gay Mystery Expedition here .

Header image from unsplash.com.

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