With a craving for carbs, a penchant for proteins and a lust for anything deep-fried and saucy, it’s time to kick off our blog’s inaugural food post: our Top 3 Continental Cravings Right Now.

Cala Restaurant in Lima, Peru.
Cala Restaurant in Lima, Peru.

Lima ~ Something Fishy

Guinea pig is definitely Peru’s culinary claim to fame, but many of us just don’t ‘get’ roasted rodent.

A more appealing dish is ceviche (also spelled cebiche) – fresh, often raw, fish or shellfish marinated in citrus. The acidic marinade “cooks” the fish, and it’s dressed with thinly sliced red onions, cilantro and other regional accompaniments.

There’s a long-standing debate over the origins of ceviche. Some say Ecuador. Others, Peru. In truth, it likely arose in both countries around the same time. Origin aside, Lima is now the capital of ceviche. The New York Times’ 36 Hours in Lima claims the city has 16,000+ cevicherias!

Scallops ceviche.
Scallop ceviche at Cala Restaurant in Lima, Peru.

We recommend booking a table at Cala restaurant and lounge. Cala has it all: ocean views, stunning modern interior, dangerously delicious pisco sours (Peru’s potent cocktail) and, yes, as-fresh-as-it-gets ceviche.

FYI, we stop by Cala on both our The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu and The Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu tours.

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Thamel House’s momo.

Kathamandu ~ Momos for Homos

They may sound like Pokemon, but “momo” are actually famous Nepalese dumplings that can be found both on the street and as restaurant appetizers.

Stuffed with meat, vegetables or paneer (a fresh Indian cheese), momo may be steamed or fried, then served with either chutney or sauce. Their popularity has likened them to burgers back in ‘Murrica.

While momo are found throughout Kathmandu (and Nepal, for that matter), we love treating Out Adventurers to Thamel House’s signature momo on our Nepal Everest Base Camp Adventure. The Newari restaurant serves them in the middle of the table family-style for easy sharing… or savaging…

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Pujol Restaurant
Pujol Restaurant in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexico City ~ A Flan-tastic Sweet

We can practically hear your eyes rolling. But we really do crave flan in Mexico City.

The custardy caramel classic became cliché in the ‘90s. Curdled and sickeningly sweet, flan once choked the dessert menu of every all-inclusive across the country.

Chamomile flan
Pujol’s chamomile flan on the left and and black zapole on the right.

But Mexico’s culinary renaissance has elevated the flan to new heights. Some chefs have improved traditional recipes with better ingredients and techniques. Others are experimenting with coffee, coconut or chocolate. We love Perrier’s Top 50 winner – Pujol’s Vanilla and Chamomile Blossom Flan – but getting a table here is a contact sport.

De Mar a Mar
De Mar a Mar (English: Sea to Sea) restaurant in Mexico City, Mexico.

Because of Pujol’s tough table situation, our Mexico City Discovery typically stops in more accessible restaurants like De Mar a Mar (“From Sea to Sea”). The atmosphere in this turquoise restaurant is cozy, comfortable and relaxed. Chef Eduardo Garcia has a knack for flavour other chefs would kill for. His menu is always rotating, but when Garcia’s flan is featured, we go light on the mains so we can gorge on dessert.

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