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Iceland was the first nation with a lesbian head of state. So it should come as no surprise their Pride celebration is pretty fun. That’s why it’s the grand finale of our Iceland Countryside & Reykjavik Pride. Read on to find out what we love about one of the biggest little gay-labrations in the world.

It’s practically a national holiday.

Reykjavik Pride is one of the biggest events on Iceland’s social calendar. Friends, relatives, and allies are a bigger part of the festivities than they are anywhere else we know of – even CANADA (*runs screaming*).

Icelandic pop sensation Paul Páll Óskar performs. Photo c/o reykjavikpride.is

It attracts up to 100,000 global guests

While small compared to the numbers of Toronto, Rio, or Sydney, Reykjavik Pride is world-renowned and big of heart. With over six days of celebration, there’ll be lots to keep you busy, including a converging of queers on Day 5 of our tour at the Blue Lagoon.

Gay soup! Mingle with locals and out-of-towners when we hit Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon.

It, too, had political roots.

Like many of today’s biggest pride parties, today’s squeals of celebration began with shouts of protest: in 1993, gays and lesbians converged in the city centre to demand their civil rights. The first actual parade, in 1999, drew an unassuming 15,000 people.

Let’s hear it for the girls. Photo ℅ reykjavikpride.is

Branding is off limits.

The pinkwashing of pride has become an issue around the world. Meanwhile, in Reykjavik, corporate logos remain banned from the march itself. This allows the focus to stay on what matters.

All roads lead to Pride. Photo ℅ reykjavikpride.is

It’s about the fight. AND the celebration.

With such broad support from the general population, and by skipping corporate sponsorship, Reykjavik Pride may be the purest celebration of the human spirit you ever partake in (if you know of others – let us know in the comments below).

Join us this August on our Iceland Countryside & Reykjavik Pride for a holiday – and celebration – you won’t soon forget. Email info@out-adventures.com or call 1-866-360-1152 toll-free (Canada/USA), or +1-416-531-8795 (international).

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