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Cohosts Peter and Rob Skype-in Carlos Picanco — Commercial and Marketing Director at Futurismo Azores Adventures — to discuss the Atlantic archipelago and why it has become 2018’s hottest destination.

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Today’s Podcast Takeaways:

  • Direct flights to the Azores via Azores Airlines run daily from Boston, Oakland and Providence in the USA and, Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Delta Airlines also offers an overnight direct flight from New York City.
  • Domestic flights between islands are largely run by SATA. Schedules vary but there are approximately 2 flights per day between each island.
  • In the summer, you can also get around the islands via ferries. Check out Atlanticoline for full details and schedules.
  • Sete Cidades = a volcanic lake on Ponta Delgada and one of the Azores’ most iconic sights. See picture below.
  • Coasteering = an adrenaline pumping activity that involves controlled climbing, jumping and swimming along the Azores’ world-famous coastlines.
  • The hotel Rob name drops is Azor Hotel, the Azores’ only 5-star hotel. If you’d like a visual preview of the hotels Out Adventures uses on our Azores Islands Adventure, click here.
  • TAKEAWAY: If you’re visiting the Azores, even for a short-stay, don’t rush the experience. Take your time to appreciate each island and what makes them unique.
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Sete Cidades, the most famous caldera on the Azores.

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