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Out Adventures Affiliate Program

Earn money as an Out Adventures affiliate.

Out Adventures is the premier provider of small-group gay and lesbian travel. But to get our tours and cruises in front of LGBT jet setters, we need your help. 

In exchange for sharing links to our award-winning tours via your blog or website, we’re offering competitive referral fees on successful bookings.

Benefits of joining our affiliate program
  • Easily earn referral fees by linking to our tours and pages using an affiliate code;
  • Partner with the world’s premiere gay & lesbian tour company;
  • Enjoy a transparent and simple referral tracking system in our Affiliate Area;
  • Did we mention you earn money by simply mentioning our tours and pages?!


Affiliate FAQ

How much will I earn?

We’re excited to offer a competitive payment structure of 5%–7% of the base cost of all successful bookings. Considering our average tour cost is $4500.00, that’s approximately $225 per successful booking.

What is the difference between a ‘referral’ and a ‘booking’?

In this context, a referral is any visitor to www.outadventures.com via an affiliates’ unique url. A referral may or may not result in a booking.

In contrast, a booking is all goods sold to a referral including but not limited to tours, extensions, single supplements etc. A booking may include multiple spots on a tour. For example, Jane Doe purchases a spot for both herself and her partner on our tour. Both spots are bundled into Jane Doe’s booking, and a referral fee is paid for both.

Are there any components or tours I will not be paid for?

Before calculating your referral fee, we subtract all taxes, discounts (including any incentives you may offer your followers), optional activities, extra accommodation, and flights on the booking.

Also—and although it’s very rare—we sometimes feature tours on our website that are presented as an Out Adventures’ tour but are actually run and operated by a partner organization. We do not pay affiliates a referral fee on these tours as we are simply earning commission on the sale of spots ourselves. Please get in touch to learn which of our tours fall into this category.

When and how will I get paid?

In order to further incentivize you, we will pay 50% of your referral fee on the 15th of the month following the date of deposit being paid. The balance will be paid on the 15th of the month following the date of travel. For example, your referral books a trip departing on February 20th, and pays their deposit on October 2nd. You will receive 50% of your referral fee on November 15th and the remaining balance of your referral fee on March.

All referral fees are paid in the currency of the booking. In Canada, payment will be made by cheque or e-transfer, and outside of Canada payments can be made by cheque or wire transfer.

What if my referral requests a refund on their booking or the tour is cancelled?

If we offer the client a full refund, you will not receive the balance of your referral fee. However, if we do not refund the client in full, you will receive a total referral fee based on the net amount of the booking.

Can I offer my readers/followers an incentive to make a booking?

Yes. However all discount incentives need to be negotiated in advance and may impact the % of referral fee you earn, as we subtract discounts from the total booking before calculating a referral fee.

How does your software track my referrals?

As an approved affiliate you will be given a unique affiliate ID. Using our url generator here, you can add your ID to any outadventures.com url which can then be hyperlinked into your blog’s/website’s content. Any referrals who enter our website from these hyperlinks will be tagged with a cookie for 90 days. Should that individual take any of the following actions, we will know to associate them with you in our Customer Relationship Management system, at which point you will receive credit for a booking, even if it is confirmed months following the initial point of contact.

  • Complete any online tour booking form;
  • Complete a ‘Tailor-Made Vacations’ inquiry form;
  • Submit an ‘Ask Us A Question’ form;
  • Submit a ‘Contact Us’ form.

What if my referral finishes their booking offline (for example over the phone)?

If your referral makes any inquiry with us within the 90 day cookie limit, you will be associated with them in our Customer Relationship Management system. This way even if the referral decides to continue the booking process via phone or email, we will still know to pay you a referral fee for the successful booking.

Where can I get my unique url identifier and check on my referrals?

Please sign in to outadventures.com/admin using your provided username and password. Then visit our Affiliate Area here. On this page you can generate unique urls, check your referrals, confirm which referral fees you’ve been paid and which upcoming referral fees you are entitled to. We are also happy to create the links for you. Easy peasy.

How do I sign up?

Glad to hear we’ve piqued your interest. To sign up, simply get in contact with our marketing manager, Carl Hiehn (carl@outadventures.com)!

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