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Kiki with Out Adventures’ founder Robert Sharp and “enthusiastic traveler and professional big-mouth” Peter Graham, as the duo spill the tea on gay travel.


Season 3

S3 E11–Favourite Memories & Future Plans

After another year of international (mis)adventures, the entire Out Adventures crew has come together to share their best 2019 travel anecdotes.

S3 E10–Tokyo: A Gay Travel Guide

Stefan Arestis, co-founder of the gay travel blog Nomadic Boys, joins our hosts on today’s super kawaii Tokyo episode.

S3 E9–Covid-19: A Special Episode

Direct from their respective places of isolation, Peter and Rob discuss the impacts of covid-19 on the gay travel industry as well as what’s next for Out Adventures.

S3 E8–Our Big Gay Berlin Episode

From the Brandenburger to the Berghain, we Skype gay travel bloggers Couple of Men to help navigate Berlin’s high and low culture.

S3 E7–Travelling With Your LGBT Family

Our regular hosts welcome Scott Gatz—gay dad and founder of Q Digital—onto The Gay Travel Podcast to discuss the often overlooked topic of LGBT family travel.

S3 E6–Travelling With HIV: What You Should Know

In honour of World AIDS Day we explore how an HIV positive diagnosis can effect where and how you travel.

S3 E5–Reykjavík: A Gay Travel Guide

Warm up to Iceland and its quirky, queer capital, Reykjavik. On today’s episode we welcome Eva María and Hannes ‘Sasi’—co-owners of LGBT travel brand, Pink Iceland.

S3 E4–10 Experiences You Can Only Have In Chile

Our hosts are joined by charismatic Chilean, Jorge Swett, to count down 10 experiences you can only have in South America’s wild west.

S3 E3–Beyond Mykonos – The NEW Gay Hotspots

Apply a fresh coat of SPF before listening to today’s sunny episode, as Peter and Rob are breaking down the world’s NEW gay hotspots!

S3 E2–Introducing our new Lesbian Tours!

This one is a big deal. Welcoming our two favourite ladies in the travel biz, we’re talking about our new line of tours for women!

S3 E1–10 Hotels We Love

Today’s episode is all about out Ten Favourite Hotels around the world, and Uwern Jong—Editor-in-Chief of OutThere—joins us to share his thoughts.

Season 2

S2 E10–Where We’re Going This Summer

Kiki with the entire Out Adventures crew on today’s climactic episode of The Gay Travel Podcast. Question du jour: Where are you going this summer?

S2 E9–Lesbian Travel, A Special Extended Episode

Out Adventures is launching a new arm of tours created by and for lesbian and bisexual women. Brand Ambassadors Tanya Churchmuch and Iris Serbanescu introduce the venture and discuss the grand world of sapphic sojourns in this special extended episode. Buckle up!

S2 E8–Our Top 10 Gay Travel Experiences In Scandinavia

From an evening reliving the delightful ditties by Swedish supergroup Abba, to a Helsinki walking tour highlighting the girthy portraits by queer artist Tom of Finland, we count down our top 10 experiences in Scandinavia. Joining us in the studio are the bearded boys behind the gay travel blog, Couple of Men.

S2 E7–Why Yoga Is Great For Gay Travellers… And Other Wellness Tips

Wake up your chakras with guest host Adam Bolton, Co-Founder of Men’s Retreats and a long-time friend of Out Adventures. The dapper yogi discusses the importance of yoga within the gay community before dishing his best wellness travel tips for today’s LGBT jetsetter.

S2 E6–10 Experiences You Can Only Have In Peru

Our hosts are joined by former cubical-dweller turned travel blogger, Matt Long—LandLopers.com and Explore The World Podcast—to share their top 10 experiences in Peru.

S2 E5–The Best Art Destinations This Year.

With Rob MIA, it’s up to Peter to curate this week’s episode dedicated to the intersection of Art and Gay Travel. He is joined in the studio by life partners Daniel Faria (Director and Owner, Daniel Faria Gallery) and Rui Amaral (Director and Curator, Scrap Metal Gallery).

S2 E4–Gay Cruises – Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong… Sort Of.

Ahoy! And welcome to our Big Gay Cruise episode. Peter and Rob call in Ed Salvato—CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief of Man About World—to discuss all-things naughty and nautical.

S2 E3–Visiting Cuba! What Americans Need To Know.

It’s just family in Out Adventures’ Broadcasting HQ as Peter and Rob lay out everything Americans need to know before travelling to Cuba. 

S2 E2–Travel Stomach First

Loosen your belt buckles and bite into today’s indulgent episode of The Gay Travel Podcast. Carl Hiehn—Out Adventures’ digital marketing specialist and a self-described Maître Fromager—is back in the studio to help us dish out our ‘3 Rules for Food Travel’. Bon appétit!

S2 E1–Planning Your Gay Honeymoon

The Out Adventures Gay Travel Podcast is back! To kick off Season 2 our hosts welcome Richard Dusseau—Founding Partner and Publisher of mensvows.com—into the studio to discuss Gay Honeymoons.

Season 1

S1 E9–Favourite Memories And Future Plans

Naked suntanning or climbing Kilimanjaro? Which sounds more like you?? Our panel discusses their favourite holiday memories plus their upcoming travel plans.

S1 E8–Gay Latin America Is Muy Caliente!

Lima-based Scott Marquardt joins Peter and Rob in the recording studio to break down what’s hot in gay Latin America.

S1 E7–Why You Should Be Considering Portugal’s Azores Islands

Cohosts Peter and Rob Skype-in Carlos Picanco—Commercial and Marketing Director at Futurismo Azores Adventures—to discuss the Atlantic archipelago and why it has become 2018’s hottest destination.

S1 E6–Planning Your First African Safari

Cohosts Peter and Robert take a step-by-step approach to planning an African Safari in the latest episode of The Out Adventures Gay Travel Podcast. Special guest Billy Hare—Sales Manager at Rhino Africa—offers invaluable insight into this historic travel experience.

S1 E5–Unpacking Ethical Travel

Should LGBT travellers visit countries where homosexuality is illegal? Rob and Peter debate this question and others as they delve into the ethics of gay travel.

S1 E4–Solo Vs Group Travel. What’s Your Preference?

Some gay travellers prefer to tackle the world alone. Others would never board a plane without a partner or friend. Our podcast hosts invited Out Adventures’ Sales Manager Kevin Robitaille into the recording studio to discuss the pros and cons of both styles of travel.

S1 E3–Travel Hacks From The Experts

In-house flight attendant Gilles Bourque (pictured) joins us on Episode 2, providing the inside scoop with ‘Travel Hacks from the Experts’.

S1 E2–How Far Will You Go? Let’s Talk Weekend Getaways.

Scott Furman of ‘Gay Cities’ joins our travel experts to break down the misconception that weekends are reserved for neighbouring cities and states. Ultimately they answer the question, “How far can a big gay weekend take you?”

S1 E1–What’s Hot In Gay Travel

In our inaugural podcast episode, Rob and Peter explore what’s ‘Hot in Gay Travel’ as they dive deep into destinations you should consider. Expect other interesting trends such as how to use Grindr and Scruff to discover a city’s local gay scene.

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