The Lowdown

India is unlike any country we know of (and we literally know the world). Opulence and wonder await at every turn, from the mesmerizing beauty of Jaipur to the tremendous Taj Mahal. It's colourful and chaotic. Shocking and sublime. And if you really want to say you've seen the world, it's probably the one place you can't pass up.

Population: 1.3 billion people
Languages: Hindi, English
Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone: IST (UTC+05:30)
Electricity: C-, D-, and M-sockets

The LGBT Factor

India generally condemns homosexuality, so please avoid public displays of affection for everyone's safety and security. That said, our guides and accommodation support our community, and have our best interests in mind. As for gay life, it's concentrated in Mumbai & Delhi, but there are no official LGBT venues in the entire nation...the second most populous on Earth!

The Best Time to Visit

India - and specifically Rajasthan - is worth visiting between October and March. The nights are cooler, and the humidity less oppressive, but the real sweet spot is in February (when we visit). That's when daily highs peak out at 27C/80F, with evenings lows around 16C/61F.

The Shock Factor

To be blunt, the poverty and pollution of India can overwhelm. However, the friendly locals and resolute spirits astoundingly make up for it. Since hygiene is a concern, most of our meals will be prepared and served at hotels and tourist-friendly restaurants. And finally, remember that faith is a huge part of life here, so please respect the local customs when visiting sacred sites.


A visa is required for most nationalities, and can be obtained online at There may be exceptions, and all visas are the responsibility of the traveller.


Based on entry requirements, no vaccinations are needed for entry unless you are travelling to India from a country affected by Yellow Fever, in which case you are required to show proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination. To determine if you should take preventative measures to reduce the risk of illness, consult with your doctor or a travel medical clinic. OUT Adventures cannot provide vaccination recommendations.