The roughest part about our Tanzania Luxury Safari is saying goodbye to one lavish lodging and moving on to the next. Here’s a sneak preview of what awaits when you join our decadent escape into the wilds of Africa.

Our Starting and Finishing Point: Rivertrees Country Inn

Nestled into the mountain’s foothills, offering a beautiful backdrop, this inn offers ample opportunity to relax in the gardens or be pampered in the outdoor spa.

A Luxurious Tented Camp

These top-notch tended lodgings offer you the chance to really live amongst the animals. Imagine a giraffe sauntering by as you shower, still knowing the site is safe and secure.

Our Mobile Tented Camp

Just like the animals, this camp migrates through the season, but no luxury is lost along the way. These are some of the nicest tents you’ll ever stay in.

A Lodge Like No Other (Plantation Lodge)

This modern retreat in the Ngorongo conservation area offers exquisite cuisine, impeccable surroundings, unbeatable amenities and a magically serene ambience.

We are no longer offering our Gay Tanzania Luxury Safari. But if you’re feeling inspired, hop over to our website and check out a fabulous list of our current tours.

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