What does it take to get rated 32nd Best Hotel in the World and 2nd Best Hotel in South America by Travel & Leisure? Scroll down to find out!

First things first: the 32nd Best Hotel in the World needs an exceptional Communal Dome to welcome visitors.

Epic views, sensational sunsets and a mountain landscape in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park certainly doesn’t hurt.

Of course, the bedrooms themselves are of top priority. On Out Adventures’ tour, we’ll indulge in the Standard Dome. But these incredible rooms are anything but.

Don’t assume the communal bathrooms are even remotely comparable to your run-of-the-mill campsite.

Of course, unique amenities like a Yoga Dome and Massage Dome are necessary additions.

Finally, a sophisticated, world-class menu that draws inspiration from Chilean and Argentinean produce is a requirement. The in-house mixologist’s award-winning cocktails are just the olive garnish on top.

Add it all together and you get one of the best hotels in the world! If you’d like to slumber here yourself, consider our Patagonia Argentinean Glaciers & Chilean EcoCamp tour, departing January 2019.

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